Migration means moving from current platform to another platform. In most of the cases, it takes place to a better platform because it provides a better working environment and user experience. Sometimes, the security concerns may also lead to migration.

A successful technology migration from one platform to another should involve a well-planned strategy for execution and monitoring after implementation. Because, if the migration is not executed in a proper manner, it can cause data loss, reduced traffic, broken links, or security loopholes etc. It could be movement at data level, application level or even at the environment level.

Cloud Migration

Leverage the potential of big data by moving your assets to the public, private, or hybrid Cloud environment. Our experts can efficiently do cloud to cloud or server to cloud migration for the businesses. iGel excels in providing migration services for AWS, IBM cloud, Azure, and many other platforms.

Server and Database Migration

We can transfer applications, databases, websites, IT infrastructure, etc. between servers. Our team performs these operations while maintaining the DBMS structure, hierarchy, schema, and file formats. With knowledge of all standard servers, we can perform the migration for .NET, Java, and PHP applications alongside middleware.

Data Migration

Data migration is the toughest part as we move your application to a new system. We strategically plan and perform this essential task by taking multiple measures for the safety of your data. Our team takes care of maintaining the integrity and consistency of your data concerning your application's new setup.

Why do you need Technology Migration Services?

Performance, user-friendliness, usability, precision, uniqueness, and efficiency are a few aspects which decide the future of your product. The digital world is so ruthless that you might be the best option for your customers today, while out of the race within a year. Ever-evolving technologies and innovations keep it competitive, forever. That’s why iGel strives to assess and transform your product when needed. We offer a fully-comprehensive set of product technology migration services.

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How do our services benefit you?

Benefits to technology and data migration services are varied. But it’s vital to any modern business.

Migrations don’t only improve performance, but also drive down overall maintenance costs keeping your business up to date and modern. Sometimes new security standards require businesses to comply. Newer, more secure technologies are often part of the deal.

Another benefit is a wider pool of developers to choose from. Accessing a larger set of development professionals can help you cut costs further, allowing you to focus more on your business.